I just finished a terrific book called City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell. At the very end were two paragraphs that struck a perfect cord with my heart as I get closer and closer to the day. I would like to share this passage with you all and hope that if you read it you also can find it to be a cool drink of refreshment:

Over time I have come to believe that God’s will is a mystery, fluid and surprising. Following it is like stepping out into something I cannot see, and I am frequently unsure about whether I am doing god’s will until after the fact. But I have learned that while I don’t always know when I’m doing something right, I always know when I’m doing something wrong, and I rely on this as I go forward, trusting that He will use my mistakes as well as my triumphs and knowing that He does not ask me to be perfect, or even good. He simply asks me to be His, which to me is the heart of His Good News: that I am deeply and passionately loved exactly as I am, despite the faults that grieve me most, by a God who delights in me more than I can know–a God who created me so he could love me. With the gift of that renewed certainty when I awake each morning, I rise to meet the day and to praise my dear Lord, and to finish my course with joy.


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  1. I like the way the author put that: “I always know when I'm doing something wrong”. I think that is a comforting thought for when I feel like I'm floating in water, with no support, not feeling clear direction from Him.

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