3 days to go

Last night was my first night when I literally could not fall asleep and just kept glancing at the clock. Ugh, three more nights of this! Tonight I’m playing music to keep me from thinking. 🙂

It’s weird, I keep having these up and down moments. At one moment I want to cry just thinking about leaving home. But then again, it is only for 3 months! It’s gonna fly by! At other moments, like when I’m packing (not the moments when I’m stressing over it though) I get really excited. I think about Leanne (the volunteer coordinator) and getting to meet her, the change of scenery…just being in a new place altoghether. And knowing that from Friday morning to Saturday evening it’s going to be me and God travelling together.

Packing has been a bit of an ordeal for me. I am having a hard time keeping my case under 50 lbs. It doesn’t help that the actualy suitcase weighs 6 pounds itself. I have had to take out all my books, some toiletries, and clothing. I’m seriously not sure what else to take out at this point…it would be great if I could find a light, large duffle bag to substitute for the case!


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