In case you are actually interested in what is going on here in Gabon, here are the blogs of the Envision staff who are working here in Gabon.

Leanne’s blog, our fearless leader and the Envision center coordinator

Dan and Alicia Lewan, moving to Bongolo in April to run the center there for teams

Hannah, co-leading teams with Leanne here in Libreville and making yummy food 🙂


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  1. Your comments keep coming from one of my all time favorite worship songs. I am nothing, I am nothing without You! That's not the title, and that's not the total message of the song, but it's a truly wonderful song. That being said; you're making us very proud and reminding me of the young ruler that when told by Jesus to lay down all of his worldly belongings and leave his home and follow Jesus, the young ruler found himself unable to commit to.
    Megan is ready to do the same as you are doing, and I actually think she is ready although she doesn't think about the prison side of things and being locked up while trying to maintain some form of communications from the outside world. God Bless You, Olivia, and your ability to completely put your faith in the Lord, as you (I suspect) didn't know that you would be able to receive all of these niceties where you are. We are praying for you each and every day!
    Benjamin got a BB Gun for his Birthday. I'll try to send you some pictures in our next correspondence.
    With Love, In Christ,
    P.S. Olivia, if there is anything you REALLY want or need, and just can't get, or if there's anything we can send you to remind you of home and make your stay there a bit more comfortable. I can't think of ANYONE more equipped to represent and spread Jesus' message more than you. You are a true ambassador of Our Lord's love, and your courage in taking this assignment as an ambassador of God's love is a living testimony and example that we should all strive to commit ourselves to.
    May God bless and keep you!
    With all the love we have to send!
    The Shaddens!

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