bonjour mes amis 🙂

well, today was momentous (not entirely sure what the definition of this word is but I think I am using it in the correct context). Today for the first time since being here I wore pants! Last night I tossed and turned in bed, trying to fall asleep in the heat (although, to be honest, it wasn’t the heat that kept me up…I had a delicious Magnum bar [chocolate + caramel + ice cream] a few hours before bed). Then this morning, early early, I heard loud thunder and pelting rain and pulled my sheet over my chilly legs! Today in French class I even had to rub my arms a few times to chase away the goose bumps. So it has been a chilly day and I love it. *heart*

We have started a new week of French. Last week there were no classes because Dan and Alicia were in Bongolo. But at the end of the week, our instructor (Pito) sent everyone an e-mail saying that he got another job in a different city and is leaving us–tomorrow! Thankfully he knows another man who has taught English with the Peace Corps like he (Pito) did, and Jean-Jacque took over today. He has a different teaching approach from Pito–he speaks entirely in French all throughout the class, where as Pito would explain things to us in English. Part of me is glad that he is pushing us and that this way we are even more exposed to hearing French, but part of my brain also screams, “Pleeeease, give me a break from French!” Still, I want to learn the language so I will embrace this challenge! Every day I pray, “God, please let me understand what You what me to know, say what You want me to say, and glorify You in every way!” But I do pray for all of us to have a new and fresh understanding of this language.

This is a picture of a woman, Christine, who came into the clinic last week. She has a large tumor on her neck that is even more extensive inside her body. She desperately needs to travel to Bongolo Hospital to have it removed but she does not have enough money to afford the trip. Please, please pray for a miracle and that God will provide for her.

I am very thankful for God’s provision and that He continues to teach me things about Him and life in general. Oh if there was a word that expressed His goodness, it would be the most beautiful word.

love from Libreville,


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  1. Is is better for Christine to receive help locally or how does the ministry feel about situations like this being paid for by overseas help?

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