The fruit here is delicious!

You’re a little wary… “Didn’t we buy that pineapple off the side of the road?” There it was, sitting with a few other fruits on a rickety wooden table. Cars leave behind thick trails of exhaust as they drive by, dirt is kicked up by the hundreds of feet shuffling past, and when was the last time the vendor washed her hands? But once it is all cut up into chunks, dripping juice, right on the table in front of you…of course you have to try it. So pick up a little piece and throw it in your mouth…wow. Fresh fruit taken to a whole new level. Why is the fruit in Gabon yummier than in the States??

So there was a bit of a new development with French class and now we’re only doing class on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. This is probably a big blessing since on Wednesday things are going to start to get busy! We get a new intern, Shannon, who will be my roomie for six weeks. Then on Saturday a team is coming in until April 9. Shortly after that we get a few other visitors, some of which will go with us to Bongolo when we move down the Lewans. So yeah…lots of changes, lots going on!

This past week has been fun. I wish I could remember all that happened…the days are starting to blur together! There were several clinic days, which are in and of themselves a French lesson! Because I write down the patient’s information in a log book I am learning all of the neighborhoods here in Libreville (which are not easy to spell!). I got to watch a few injections and today a girl came in with a split-open leg to be cleaned and bandaged.

On Friday afternoon I went with Mama Jeanine and Mama Josephine to a woman’s conference. The conference lasted for 3 days, hosting hundreds of women from all over Gabon. They did evangelism, prayer, praise, planning…I only got to go for a few hours but it was so fun to worship with hundreds of women passionate about the Kingdom of God!

The president of Turkey was here for a few days this week…magical cleaning and beautifying fairies worked their magic on certain areas of the city to prepare for his arrival.

Let me just say, remembering names and faces (especially of people I only bet briefly) is not my strong suit. Which can be a problem in a group-oriented society where everyone remembers you. Haha, sometimes people you never even actually met know who you are.

Oh, and just a quick college update! Unless God puts a major roadblock in the way, I think that in the fall I’ll be a Nyack College student! In so many ways the Lord has provided for my freshman year of college and I feel quite at peace about the school choice. Funnily enough, this was something that was really stressing me out a few weeks ago…

If you ever think of it, could you pray that God would help me to have a humble heart? I need to remember that none of this is about me.

Until we meet again,


3 thoughts on “The fruit here is delicious!

  1. I love your blog posts!
    It is so nice getting updates from you while you're in Africa!! 🙂

    Yayy!! That is so cool that you will most likely be going to Nyack!! I hope we can see you often. 😀

  2. Love the updates!! I will certainly pray that you have a humble heart. God will remember who this is about – and He'll gently and lovingly remind you when he needs to. 🙂 Miss you! Cindy

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