Caravan, Craisins, and Cookies (in no particular order)

Why did I have to come all the way to Africa to discover how delicious Craisins are?? Definitely buying a bag when I get back to the States!

Cookies: Super 2’s. Pumpkin chocolate chip. Bananookies. I have been nicknamed The Cookie Monster as I most definitely eat more cookies than I should, something hard to hide from my house mates.

These past two days I had a wonderful experience with the OSPAC gang–a medical caravan! Ok, double bonus: an overnight medical caravan. And let me tell you, this was hardcore jungle caravaning. Sliding around on a muddy road, attempting to show the Jesus Film, giving testimonies by flash light, bathing in a jungle creek…oh, and you could play connect-the-dots with the bafoodoo bites on my arms and legs.

We began the adventure bright and early Thursday morning. It was about a 4-hour drive to the village where we set up our first clinic. When we arrived there were about 30 people gathered under a tree outside of the little wooden church. After some prayer and presentation we set up the consultations and pharmacy on top of our big tupper-wear containers. It took about 2 or 3 hours to finish consulting all the people who had been waiting. From there we drove on for another hour to a house where we were to stay the night.

The rest of the day was spent jungle-bathing (seriously, went with the Mamas to a natural creek where they proceeded to bathe, I just kinda waded), eating yummy Gabonese food, then going back to the village where we had done consultations. By the light of flashlights we set up a projector to show the Jesus Film, but due to rain and bizarre “technical” (we are in Africa, remember) were not able to show it. So Jill (a visiting nurse) gave her testimony and Mama Jeanine made her and me sing a song. I apologized before we proceeded to sing through the Doxology as quickly as possible (neither of us are singers).

When we got back to the house, Jill and I proceeded to kill a huge spider in our bedroom. Then we went out to use the out-house, but apparently not informing Mama Jeanine that we were doing so was a mistake. There I was on the pot in the dark, rain pounding on the tin roof, when I hear this wailing, “OLIVIAAAA!!!!! OLIVIA!!!” Oh gosh, I thought, there’s the search and rescue party. We had been gone all of four minutes…as Jill said, “I’m glad we can’t be gone five minutes without someone noticing.” Needless to say, in the middle of the jungle on a dark, stormy night everyone is safe with the Mama search and rescue party!

Today we spent the morning doing consultations at the house. A man from Nigeria came in who spoke more English than French…it was weird speaking English to him! Around noon we packed up the cars and proceeded on our long trip back…with a mixture of muddy roads, stops to buy plantane bananas, and a bad traffic jam we got back to Libreville around th dinner hour. And now, although I should be packing, Leanne and I are watching our movie–“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”! Tomorrow and Sunday are packed full, so I am not anticipating getting on the computer until I am State-side again.

Although there will be many tears on Sunday night, I’m sure that this isn’t the end of the journey. I have a wonderful family here, as well as a wonderful family in Colorado who I am excited to share my stories with. The Lord has shown again and again that He has plans for me in the USA…I’m waiting to see how the summer unfolds. Mostly just engaging in communion with Him, community with others, sharing and hearing stories…

Love love love to you all,


One thought on “Caravan, Craisins, and Cookies (in no particular order)

  1. I love the 2nd picture of you! And I have loved getting to read all of your Africa stories! I can't believe you are coming home already! It has felt like you have been gone forever, but still it has flown by – if that makes any sense at all! 😉 I can't wait to talk to you “face to face” again sooon! Although it will be terrible not to be able to actually give you a HUGE hug!!!! But anything is wonderful!!! ❤ ❤ I love you lots wonderful girl!!! ❤ Safe trip home!!

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