wow…a year later?!?!

I cannot convey to you the feelings I am experiencing right now as I think that it was a year ago that I was in Gabon…I had 23 days left in that wonderful country, and I was dreading that the end of my internship was near.  Quite clearly I remember the last day I spent in Libreville…the conversations I had, the tears that were shed, and how everyone said that I was coming back.

Despite the fact that I committed to returning to Gabon even before asking the Lord what His will was, God was gracious and blessed me immensely again by providing for me to return to Gabon this summer!  My visa came back to me uncharacteristically quickly and all of my funds were provided for.  Even this past weekend as I finished up finals and packed up all of my belongings I have seen God’s hand in every situation.

When people ask how I feel about going back, I say, “I’m so happy I could throw up!”  I just don’t know how to express my excitement.  Think of a time that you were going to see someone that you loved very dearly…or of a time when you were going to eat your favorite meal, or go to your favorite place…I don’t even know!  All of those things are going to be happening for me in two days!  And ask much as I hate flying (and this 24 hour trip is brutal) I know that when I land I will be in the hot, humid country I love so much.

I don’t know if I will be able to blog while I am there, but I will certainly share thoughts from this trip either from the field or when I get back to the States in June.  After Gabon I will stop in Paris for a week to visit the ENvision site there!  The song I could sing is “God You are so good to me!  La la la la so good to me!!”


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