there’s no place like "home" :)

bonjour world!!!  did you know that I can speak franglais?

I arrived in Libreville two days ago.  After two long flights (although this time around not nearly as nerve-racking as last year) it felt good to walk on solid Gabonese ground again.  I must admit that feeling the hot humidity and breathing in the polluted air brought me joy, as there is no place I have experienced such an environment except this beloved city.

Words cannot describe the feelings I experienced when I walked out of the double doors from gathering my luggage into the common area at the airport.  All of my OSPAC family, plus Alace and Steve Straw, as well as Leanne and Hannah were all there and bombarded me with hugs.  I was given a HUGE mango as a welcoming gift from the OSPAC team, and we all went out to pizza for dinner!  I wish I could speak French well enough to have told them how much the experience meant to me.

This time around I have had a harder time adjusting to the time difference, but despite being pretty worn out everyday, I am filled with so much joy as I go about life here in Gabon again.

Today I went with Leanne and the OSPAC gang to a village out in the jungle to hand out Operation Christmas Child gifts.  It was awesome being on the other side of the operation and getting to hand the gifts to the children.  It isn’t Christmas but they were obviously filled with much cheer as they received the gifts.

Also today we had a team from Simpson College arrive.  They will be here for three weeks, so we look forward to bonding with them!  On Monday we go down to Bongolo for the week, so look for an update sometime in the next two weeks!


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