two decades later…

…and I celebrated my first birthday away from home!  But it was awesome, spent with awesome people, eating awesome food, dancing, singing, relaxing, and lots of laughter (c’est naturel!).

I went in the morning to a church I never visited before (Sortega) with Leanne and Happy (our guy intern).  We got there around 9 and left at 2, but the time was filled with awesome singing, dancing, and a lunch afterwards.  It was the “mama’s day” (like Mother’s Day) so it was a special service for the women…I am so glad it was on my birthday!

In the afternoon we relaxed and watched some of The Office (I had to include that bit…it was an awesome couple of hours).  Then Leanne and Hannah told me to get dressed and be ready to leave…and the mystery began.  Before we left the house they blindfolded me, then put me in the car and we started driving.  Happy had way too much fun videotaping me while I was blindfolded.  And apparently there were lots (more than usual, at least) of people staring at us as Hannah led me by the hand from the car.

The surprise was revealed as I took off my blindfold and all of my OSPAC family and the Straws were sitting at a table at a new restaurant on the beach!  For the next three hours we ate food, sang, danced, and they gave me kisses and gifts.  It was an awesome night and one of the most memorable birthdays of my life for sure. 🙂

 Leanne and I on the beach (I am still blindfolded!)
 Mama Clementine giving me a gift
 Arricain and Joseph giving a very exuberant hug!
 Mama Jeanine et moi
Pastor Jacob dancing!

One thought on “two decades later…

  1. Livy, I haven't talked to you in forever and this now explains why you didn't answer my birthday text! I love you and am praying for you! It looks like you had a great time. Just because we haven't talked don't think I don't think of you often 🙂

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