summer 2014 adventure!

I am excited to announce the next adventure that I will be going on!  This summer I have been honored to be invited to work as a research intern with a very credible organization called Love146, which is a non-profit that fights against sex trafficking through research, rehabilitation, restoration, and awareness.  The team I will be working with is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

For several years now, I have been a part of a student group at Nyack College that is an anti-trafficking group.  We host events on campus to raise awareness about trafficking, raise money to donate to local non-profits, and have even gotten to volunteer some at a safe house in the area.  It has been a dream to work with an organization like Love146 that I honestly that would not come true anytime soon.  But God worked some situations out in a way that opened the door for this opportunity.

Although my blogging tendencies may not show it, writing is a gift that I really enjoy.  This internship will bring together many of my passions…research, writing, culture, and working with human rights.  I am not naively believing that the two months I spend in Cambodia will be easy, and truth be told, I am very nervous.  But I am also very excited for this adventure, and am even more glad that because of the wonderful digital age that we live in, anyone who wants to keep up with all my goings-on can do so right here!

So stay tuned!

 If you would like to financially support me for this trip, click here!


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