To eat or to sleep…the battle with jetlag

It’s bound to happen to all travelers at some point–I missed a flight for the first time ever!  My flight out of Seattle to Seoul, Korea was over an hour late in leaving, causing me to miss my flight from Seoul to Phnom Penh.  As I prepared to dash off the plane, I was hopeful that the next plane would wait for me (as the flight attendant so confidently assured me they would).  Alas, the very chipper ground crew waiting for me outside the plane informed me that my plane had left me and that the airline booked me a hotel for the night.  

Along with two elderly Cambodian women and a small Chinese family I let myself be guided by the ever-friendly Korean airport staff to a van that would take us to our hotel.  Thirty minutes into the drive I was wondering if this very out-of-the-way hotel was going to be upscale or not so much.  Finally, we turned down a small road and drove behind some construction scaffolding to Capital Tourist Hotel.  

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall when I walked into my room.  Directly inside the front door was a holder for my card key with the commands written out, “Insert card here”.  I did so, and as I walked into the room, nearly jumped out of my skin as the TV and lights all suddenly came blaring on.  It took me a good minute to figure out which switch belonged to each appliance.  (And whoaaaaa, some of the lights just now went out, making me think that they are motion activated.  Let me see…nope, just on timers.  Shoot.) The round bed delighted me instantly, only to be followed by disappointment at the faint smell of cigarette smoke.  An ashtray with matches on the bedside table confirmed that the “no smoking” policy I so take for granted in the US isn’t a luxury here.  Disappointment turned into horror when spotted a box of condoms next to the ashtray (let me add that it took me a minute to figure out what they were since everything here is written in Korean).  We’re not in Kansas anymore…

As of now I have decided not to try out the bidet with buttons labeled only in Korean.  I don’t picture that ending well.  (Maybe I’ll give it a go before I shower in the morning).    

Now I am hungry but I haven’t slept much in the last sixteen hours so I feel like I should try to get some zzzzzz.  

Oh, meet Bob the Coconut!  My travelling buddy!  Where in the world is Bob?  #bobthecoconut   


One thought on “To eat or to sleep…the battle with jetlag

  1. Sounds like quite the experience! And Just a box of condoms is better than finding used ones – Just saying 😉 – In Uganda it’s very common to find used condoms… Under the bed, in the “garbage” bucket, etc Pretty gross but you get used to it! (Usually because in Uganda you can rent a room for just a couple hours during the day if you just want to get it on with your partner 😛 Often if you want a hotel for the night you show up and they’re like “That room will be free soon!” – thats grosser to me than finding used condoms even cause I have to sleep in that bed and I prefer not to think about what could have JUST happened there 😛
    Have a good trip! ❤

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